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industrial valveHave you decided to do your own plumbing project, only to be frustrated by problems with wrong parts and bad advice from plumbing store employees? Did you end up with lots of wrong and extra plumbing supplies that are not returnable because they are out of their packages? All of this can be avoided by taking a few simple steps before you start your plumbing project. Read up on do it yourself plumbing. Go to a plumbing supply store that has a good reputation for their advice. Make sure in advance that extra or wrong parts can be returned. Do some realistic evaluation of the difficulty of the project and your ability to successfully complete it.

Read up on do it yourself plumbing projects. you can go online or purchase a good do it yourself plumbing book. make sure your project is covered by the Internet how to site or the book. Some the best how to resources will have schematics and plumbing supplies list included to help you shop for tools and parts.Wwhen you read this information, you will get an idea about the skill required for the job and can decide if you are up for it. It may be that the tools you will need are more expensive than hiring a plumber to do the job.The job will go better if you have some knowledge of how to do it before hand.

Choose a plumbing supply store that has knowledgeable associates, willing to help you choose the correct tools and parts for the job you are attempting. Check out several plumbing stores for advice quality and pricing.Take your project notes and drawings of project with you to the store you can. Make sure you have everything you need before you start the project. Do you need fittings, valves or pumps? Most plumbing projects require turning off the water supply at some point and you want that to be for as short a time as possible. If your time to work is limited, you don't want to be running back and forth to the store for more supplies.

In talking to the plumbing supply store associate, make sure that any wrong or extra parts they advise you to purchase can be returned if not needed, or not correct for the job--even if they are out of packaging. Make sure you are sold all the plumbing supplies needed to avoid extra trips back and forth. Make sure the plumbing supplies are of good quality and will make your job last.

In your reading and talking to the people at the plumbing supply store, make a realistic effort to determine if you have the skill to do the job. Determine if the cost of supplies and tools and your time is saving you money, or if hiring a professional plumber may be more cost effective in the long run. Some jobs are great for the home owner to do themselves and others are better with a professional plumber. Before you start a job, is the time to find out.

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